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In order to answer positively to the higher standards on the home and international clothing market, from May 2003, Aleks has formed an embroidery dep.

  • Embroidering using given materials and designs
  • Embroidering using own materials
  • Own preparation dep.
  • Producing of embroidery from idea to finished product
  • Afordable prizes and oportunities for cooperation
The embroidery department is equipped with two embroidery machines TAJIMA with 12 heads times 12 colors (needles), max emb fields of 50cm x 45cm and 68cm x 30cm, with 1.000 stiches per minute.

Most often, embroidery goes on cutted or uncutted pieces, but that doesn’t exclude the ability to go on whole fabrics or finished clothes, becouse these machines have that ability.

The embroidery department has its own praparation department, which is equipped with modern computer technology, which makes this company one of the rear ones, that can produce an embroidery from a scratch, actualy from idea to finished product with out any disks or any other services needed from other parties.