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Welcome to Aleks

Our Company in a Nutshell

Aleks is a textile company that organizes, manages, and manufactures ready-made garments. We have the flexibility to offer experience and knowledge at every stage of the production cycle.

Together with our production partners, we can offer a broad range of products, short deliveries, and a monthly capacity of 60.000–80.000 pcs. In addition, our production network includes a variety of experts, such as embroiderers, washhouses, dyeing mills, and printers.

Our product portfolio included a variety of products like coats, blazers, jackets, sports jackets, blouses, trousers, skirts, dresses, and jersey programs.

One-Step Concept

We take care of the whole production process, from creating prototyping samples to delivering ready garments to your location.

Our services

We Provide Various Solutions

We develop samples, make patterns, provide logistic services, order fabrics and trims, organize the whole production process, do quality control, washing, transport, etc.

Our clients can choose one of our business options: CM, CMT or FOB terms.

A three-generation family-owned business

Almost 50 Years of Experience

As a family business, a long-term perspective is the main value of our corporate culture.

We are dedicated to providing high-quality goods and excellent service.

Aleks. Your partner for a one-stop concept in CMT or FOB production.

Our story

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Aleks is a globally active and forward-thinking company, known for its quality, continuity, reliability, sustainablity, innovation, and tradition. We uphold high standards and regularly update and optimize our practices to meet customer expectations on a global scale.

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Our Strenghts

Textile knowledge and expertise

With our long experience in fashion and manufacturing and profound technical knowledge, we have the know- how to provide customized solutions and answers to every client.

Production network

With our reliable production partners in North Macedonia, we can offer a broad range of products and respond timely on clients short term needs.


We have the flexibility and knowledge in every stage of the production cycle. We develop patterns, create proto samples, sourcing fabric and trims , taking care of the production process and quality control, organize transportation and much more.


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