Specification of our cotton masks:

Our masks are high-quality products and are certified by OEKO – TEX. This certificate guarantees that every component of the product is tested for harmful substances and that the product is safe for use by human and ecological aspects. The masks are handmade, from 100% cotton fabric with high quality, which allows smooth breathing and the possibility to wear it all day.

• Elastic Lace: The Lace / Elastic are soft and do not injure/press the ears.
• The mask is easy to maintain. The material can be washed several times without shrinking or losing efficiency.
• Wash in a washing machine at a temperature not exceeding 60° C.
• Unlimited use
• Certified, non-medical product

Customize your masks

Our company offers you the possibility to design and brand your masks, with your logo or with the colors of your brand!

1. Choose your model

Choose the model of the masks you like and let us know which one you have chosen.
If your desired model is not included, send us the sample of your model and we will be happy to make it.

2. Choose the color

Select the desired color from our catalog.
If your desired color is not included, please contact us and we will do our best to provide it.

3. Branding and logo

Our products can be made according to your request, in terms of logo or any special/unique design, and they can be produced in a short time.

– Brand the mask with the logo or the name of your company.
– Select the size and position, where you want your logo to be placed.


Each protective mask is packaged individually, where we can add a sticker with your logo, description/specification and a bar code.

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