Garments Manufacturing Services

Aleks is a renowned name in the garments manufacturing industry committed to quality, affordability and timely delivery. We have earned an excellent reputation in the global garments markets as one of the leading garments manufacturing factories in South-East Europe.

We manufacture all kinds of ready to wear garments for women. Our clients are private label clothing brands, fashion designers, garments wholesalers and retailers across the different countries of the European Union.

From sample development to packaging, our specialized workforce utilizes cutting edge technology equipment. All crucial manufacturing processes are carried out in our factory on a regular basis. The manual inspection is also carried out to double check ready to deliver garments.

We believe no company in this world can survive for an extended period of time unless offering quality products. Hence we take strict measures to maximize the quality of our products for customer’s satisfaction.

How We Work

Our manufacturing units are equipped with the latest technologies to accommodate all garment manufacturing and customization needs. We’re committed to not only meeting but also exceeding all customer requirements by offering premium quality garments.

We provide you with a flexible option to order with us in both high volumes or small quantities.
Here is how we usually work:


We will assign a team of designers on your project that will work closely with you. Our team will put together your ideas to form a sample.
Be sure to engage with our designers before moving forward.

Material Selection

In this phase, customers decide on the fabric and trim to use for order manufacturing. You can decide yourself, or you can connect with our specialist to choose the best material. We will also help you to choose the best trims, zips, and buttons.

Sample For Approval

Before executing any apparel manufacturing project, we dispatch the customized sample to the client. The client approves the sample or asks Aleks for revision.
Once the sample is approved, we move towards production.


Whether you have a high volume request for blank apparel or decorated apparel, you need to approve the sample, and we will meet your order requirements. In a nutshell, we never leave room for any inaccuracies or compromise within our production standards.

QA & Packaging

After finalizing the production of your order, our experienced Quality Assurance team performs the final inspection. The Packaging is done as per the requirements set by our clients after which the order is dispatched towards the client to meet them on time.​


Our logistics department will plan and execute the most efficient storage and transportation of goods from our warehouse to the client's destination. We strive to meet customer requirements in a timely and cost-effective manner.


At Aleks we pride ourselves on the final outcome of your product, from movement and storage of raw materials to finished goods at the point of consumption, we take charge and the responsibility. Whether it is a nominated fabric or trimmings, you can be sure our decades of experience and knowledge will lead you in the right direction.

Why Choose

We have fully functional in-house professional customization facility that offer affordable and exceptional quality services from small to large sized businesses.

Competitive Pricing

Our garment manufacturing prices are extremely low, without any compromises on quality.

Personal Attention

We carefully inspect each and every garment to make sure it is perfectly designed and manufactured.

Exceptional Quality

All production is done by our team of dedicated, hardworking and experienced staff.

Customer Services

We have fine-tuned our customer service to insure our transactions are pleasurable, every time.

We’d Love To Work With You


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