Manufacturing solutions

Aleks is a renowned name in the garments manufacturing industry committed to quality, affordability, and timely delivery. We have earned an excellent reputation in the global garments markets as one of the leading garments manufacturing factories in South-East Europe.

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From sample development to packaging

We manufacture all kinds of ready-to-wear garments for women. Our clients are private-label clothing brands, fashion designers, garments wholesalers, and retailers across the different countries of the European Union.

From sample development to packaging, our specialized workforce utilizes cutting-edge technology equipment. All crucial manufacturing processes are carried out in our factory on a regular basis. The manual inspection is also carried out to double-check ready-to-deliver garments.

We believe no company in this world can survive for an extended period of time unless offering quality products. Hence we take strict measures to maximize the quality of our products for customer satisfaction.

Our Services

How We Work

Our manufacturing units are equipped with the latest technologies to accommodate all garment manufacturing and customization needs. We’re committed to not only meeting but also exceeding all customer requirements by offering premium quality garments.

Fabric Sourcing

We source and develop fabrics from a network of global suppliers while also utilizing our own fabric sources. Our aim is to find fabrics that align with your budget, style, and concept. To ensure top-notch quality, we conduct risk analysis and thorough testing.

Development Sampling for proto and SMS

Our company offers versatile and fast sampling services for both proto samples and salesman samples.


We are a collective of professional production facilities specializing in various product categories. These facilities have been thoroughly audited to meet industry standards, including sustainability and social responsibility criteria. Our focus is on delivering fast-to-market production services, with our primary manufacturing hub located in Eastern Europe.

Trimming Sourcing

We handle the sourcing of trimmings for your collection or even develop custom-branded trimmings tailored to fit your brand image.

Product safety

We conduct rigorous testing of fabrics, trimmings, and ready-made garments at various stages of the production process. Our thorough testing helps deliver products that meet or exceed your expectations in terms of quality and performance.


We offer comprehensive Eastern-European logistics services that include import and export operations, warehousing solutions, and customs support. Our goal is to ensure smooth and efficient movement of your goods within the region and beyond.

Transportation and Delivery

Our logistics department will plan and execute the most efficient storage and transportation of goods from our warehouse to the client’s destination. We strive to meet customer requirements in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Quality control

We have a dedicated team of skilled specialists who are committed to achieving the highest standards of quality performance throughout the production process. Our focus on quality extends to both in-line production monitoring and post-production inspections, ensuring that every product meets the desired standards.

When it comes to packaging, we carefully adhere to the specific requirements set by our clients. Once the packaging is complete, we dispatch the orders promptly to ensure on-time delivery to our clients. 


We have undergone rigorous audits by the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) and the Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) to ensure our adherence to industry standards and social responsibility. Moreover, we are dedicated to continuously expanding our certifications based on the specific needs and requirements of our clients.


Our goal is to produce clothes in sustainable way, both socially and environmentally. We take responsibility of our people and ensure the health and safety of the workforce, fair human working conditions , fair wages and much more.
We are implementing sustainable practice in manufacturing, investing in digital transformation, installing solar panels and using solar energy, conserving water etc.